Jinhua Meixin Protective Equipment Factory

  • Supplier client holds supply contract for up to 30 million FFP3 valved respirators deliverable in 20 weeks
  • Western and Asia supplier base unable to supply sufficient volume ant required quality
  • ComfortShield connect vendor and supplier to agree product, packaging and regulatory specification
  • ComfortShield connect supplier to domestic raw material supply
  • ComfortShield manage and supervise 7 fold production increase over 8 weeks
  • ComfortShield connect buyer and seller to domestic forwarding capabilities to ensure delivery
  • ComfortShield gain exclusive access to manufacturer product for UK and selected markets
  • Government buyer extends contract for further 2 years

Hunan EEXI Technology & Service Co. Ltd

  • US distributor client engages for supply contract of up to 1 million KN95 valved respirators, must be CDC Appendix-A listed, deliverable immediately
  • ComfortShield select vetted partner Hunan EEXI Technology & Service Co. Ltd, to fulfil order
  • ComfortShield negotiate with vendor to achieve >20% price improvement to client versus prior price
  • ComfortShield arrange competitive forwarding
  • ComfortShield manage and supervise QC and door to door logistics
  • Client pleased with contract delivery and requests repeat cycle

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